Floor plan


The BSH 1,225 features two nicely sized bedrooms, a shared bath, and large open living-room / dining room / kitchen combination. The front of the house opens up to a 300 square foot cantilevered porch which is partially shaded by the roof overhang. The rear of the house has an additional 144 square feet of outdoor space on the back. 

Depending on the siting, a parking structure under the home can easily be added, as well as additional living space.

The Design Features

•             1,225 SF living space
•             444 SF outdoor deck
•             2 bedrooms
•             1 bath
•             Open living room
•             Open dining room
•             Open kitchen 

Design Configuration

Plan changes can easily be made. Please contact us for a quote on what architectural changes would cost. 

The Graham Residence was built using the revolutionary Blue Sky Frame, a  product of Blue Sky Building Systems.  This is what is known as a factory fabricated, bolted, bi-directional moment frame made from cold-formed, high-tensile galvanized steel and structural steel components. 

The elements are prefabricated in a factory, shipped flat to the job site and  are then rapidly bolted together.  No cutting or drilling on site, and no site welding. The result is a much faster build time, closer tolerances, more durable materials and enhanced environmental credentials. 

This frame is superbly suited for projects on steep or uneven lots or those where a raised foundation and/or large open space is desired. Known as a bi-directional moment-resisting frame, it resists movement in two directions and eliminates the need for shear walls or load bearing walls. 


While moment frames are not unusual, Blue Sky's has a number of unique attributes that make it especially beneficial for many construction projects.

With the Blue Sky Frame architects have increased flexibility in terms of room layouts and the placement of windows and doors.  Additionally it offers a far thinner roof profile than wood framing or heavy structural steel beams where larger open spans are required. 

For more information visit the Blue Sky website at www.blueskybuildingsystems.com.